Friday, November 2, 2007

Go 49er's !!!

San Francisco 49er’s are playing the St. Louis Ram’s Nov. 18th in San Francisco

My Dad has always been a Rams fan and I have always been a 49er fan, I’m thinking of going over there to watch that game, it should been a great game. The Rams have not played the 49er’s in a long time.

Schedule of the 49er’s is as follows;

Sun. Nov. 4 - they are playing the Atlanta Falcons, my daughter Jill lives in Georgia. The 2007 Record: 1-6; 4th, NFC South New Coach Bobby Petrino is in charge with turning the Falcons into a winner. It may not be in 2007, but a formula for success is indeed being forged. The wins are with the 49er’s 2-5, and with the Falcons 1-6, I think the 49er’s have a chance to win this game.

Mon. Nov. 12 - they play the Seattle Seahawks, the win with the Seahawks 4-3 and the 49er’s 2-5, this will be a close game.

Sun. Nov. 18 - playing the St. Louis Rams, W-L with the Rams 0-8, and with the 49er’s 2-5. what's going on with the Rams, but I don’t really care, they’ve lost 8 games out of 8 games played.

Sun. Nov. 25th playing the Arizona Cardinals.

Sun. Dec. 2 - playing the Carolina Panthers.

Sun. Dec. 9th - playing the Minnesota Vikings.

Sat. Dec. 15th - playing the Cincinnati Bengal's.

Sun. Dec. 23rd - playing Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Sun. Dec. 30th - playing the Cleveland Browns.

As you can see I was getting bored with this topic, but at least I got the schedule

GO 49er’s !!!


friendinME said...

um, go Pats (eight and zero) :)

(hoping that I can say 9-0 after a tough game tomorrow.)...