Thursday, November 8, 2007

Circus ride...

Stand in line for this life of a circus ride
theirs no place to hide
everyone takes this ride
see the faces of the people who have gotten off?
they hide within them the secrets of their life
some of them frightened
on that ride that they think has ended
you wonder what they have discovered
you cant ask what or why
you have to get on this ride
standing in this long line
thinking you could take the short cuts
but eventually you will find
that short cuts are not the way to go
its a life long show
you'll have to end up back in this long line
and it will be a much longer time
riding this circus ride
and discovering their is nowhere to hide
you have to experience this life we call a ride
learning the lessons and the answers you'll find
so what if this ride begins to climb
hang on and enjoy the goodness that shines
life is what you make it
so don't even try and fake it
it is "you" that this is all about
so stand in this line and don't pout