Saturday, November 10, 2007

Purple Leaves

Purple leaves,
On bright colored yellow trees.
Cotton clouds with beautiful colors of the lightest of hues
with the bright colored skies with its many colors it shines through
using watercolors, paints, and pastels
living within this world that no one can tell
Adding mixture of pigmentation
feeling like a kid thats having fun
That is the kind of world you would see
making this an amazing magnetize view
Looking through kaleidoscope
looking at our life's with love wisdom, health and hope
dancing in a perspective visible colorful horizon
The transmission of the atmosphere
and all of those stars watching, some of them may run
That would radiate many colors sparkling through
Purple leaves,
On bright colored yellow trees
It would be perceived as a polychrome
capturing our souls when we would viewed
Allowing the misery, sickness, and depression to disappear
Allowing to have no more anger, stress or fear
leaving us, like we were in what everyone calls heaven


intrepidideas said...

absolutely beautiful.....