Sunday, March 23, 2008

1930 Model A Ford

Pictures of my boyfriends 1930 Model A Ford, with rumble seat, its not a convertible, it is a hard/soft top. He is not going to much else with it, he will sell it if the right person offers him enough cash for it, but it has to be more then what he purchased it for and put into it which is around 8-10 grand

This is where his car will remain because he says he has had enough of it and he is tried of how much money and time he has put into it

Buggy eye front end

Upside down plate belonging to his 1930 Model A

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Random Pictures taken today

I took random pictures of my daughters apartment. Pictures taking pictures...REMEMBER to cliCK on pictures to make larger to view more easier.

My oldest daughters bird "Tweedy". But my daughter calls her "Bird". What a name, TyPicaL name for her...uH?

"Bird's" coconut home

My daughters set up above her stove

A picture of my oldest daughter and my grandson, she's 25 and he is 10

These are pictures taken of my daughters apartment where my computer is set up. She has a cute one bedroom.

A picture of my youngest daughter, she is 3 in this picture and she'll be 18 in July

This is a picture of my two youngest girls ages 20 and 17

Today is my boyfriends birthday, he is now 66, I am 18 yrs older than him. I am 47 and will be 48 in September
HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY (Ted my boyfriend)

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a day...

Long day yesterday, I had to pull the hard drive out and tested in my other computer. Then it failed, so I took it and tried it as a slave drive, it failed again. I was completely worried that my new hard drive was ruined, but then I got an idea and decided to make it a brand new master drive (160GB) But I needed a another version of Windows, like Window 98/ or 95, because my Windows XP was just an update version. I found the Window 98 disk, but it was asking for a code, I didn't have the code. So, being frustrated, I put the Windows XP back into it and it took it...aha .. I was surprise, but still a long road ahead of me. I had to erase everything on the hard drive in order to download the Window 98/ or XP, I put everything I could possibly save on a Zip drive only 1GB and not all was able to fit so I had choices in what I wanted to give up.

I finally formatted the drive with Windows XP , I even had to download Microsoft Works , Modem driver, Sound Blaster CD, Mother Board Ausu, and software drivers. It actually turned out to be an all day thing. I even forgot which hard Drive went into the other computer. I haven't put it back completely together, I was exhausted by the end of the day thinking ..Wow...I finally accomplished what I wanted to, and what a day.

I manage to take a few shots of a Birch tree on image to make larger

What a view

Birch Tree

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