Sunday, March 16, 2008

Largest Entrecard Ever !!!

A month has past by since I wrote about frugal ways to build your blog. Several traffic-building websites were mentioned, but I have increasingly favored one site over the rest.

Anywhere from 250 to 350 additional visitors stop by Sense to Save daily, skim the latest updates, browse for a minute (on average), and leave comments. Every day, images of Sense to Save are also shown to thousands of readers around the internet.

This is all thanks to Entrecard, which has become effective social networking and a free advertisement venue for bloggers.

As previously mentioned, Entrecard allows you to create a custom blog logo and drop your ‘Entrecard’ on other sites like a business card. Each time you drop or receive a card, you gain a credit to use toward an advertisement on any participating blog.

Such a unique concept - and, people have taken interest. Entrecard has reached 5000 active users in 3 months. In addition, several great frugal living bloggers have joined Entrecard (some more casually than others): Lynnae, SB, LJ, FFB, and Mrs. Micah!

How about you? Do you have a blog that is starving for more visitors per day? Interested in starting a blog, but need some movitivation? Or, are you an established blogger that wants to branch out to meet new members of your niche? Here is a perfect opportunity!

The Largest Entrecard Giveaway Ever

To help Entrecard’s community grow, we posted on the forums to rally everyone together and hold Entrecard’s largest community giveaway. The responses have been overwhelming - over 45,000 credits will be donated from 38 current members! Only new members will be eligible to win.

What would 44,000 credits mean to you? It would take nearly 144 days to build up this amount! The best blog we’ve advertised on has been Jenn Cooks; on her site, you could advertise 150 times and receive 23,250 visitors.

Here are the contest details:

  • The giveaway will be held March 15 - April 15.
  • Only new users that sign up with Entrecard during this promotional period will be eligible.
  • Comment (and include your website URL) at any of the hosting blogs (listed below) on their contest post to receive a contest entry. You can comment one time on each hosting blog to receive one entry each comment.
  • A 1st place prize of 34,000 credits will be given randomly to a new user.
  • Smaller 2nd place prizes will be given within each Entrecard niche category.

Last, please note that Entrecard has a little something for everyone and will be worth your time. Even within the Official Entrecard Blog, users have differing perspectives about whether Entrecard is a place to gain visibility in the blogosphere or make new blogging friends . There is no right or wrong way to benefit from Entrecard.

Here is the list of 37 participants in this giveaway. Most people indicate they will participate as a host. Visit each hosts’ contest posts and leave a comment to get entries.

Note: I will update this list throughout the next couple of days to link directly to each blogs’ contest post directly. Any host that has created a contest post will be designated with the text: *Contest Up*

If any questions, please feel feel to comment on this link, Largest Entrecard Giveaway EVER !!!. This link takes you to Sense to Save Blog.

Good Luck

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