Sunday, March 23, 2008

1930 Model A Ford

Pictures of my boyfriends 1930 Model A Ford, with rumble seat, its not a convertible, it is a hard/soft top. He is not going to much else with it, he will sell it if the right person offers him enough cash for it, but it has to be more then what he purchased it for and put into it which is around 8-10 grand

This is where his car will remain because he says he has had enough of it and he is tried of how much money and time he has put into it

Buggy eye front end

Upside down plate belonging to his 1930 Model A

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intrepidideas said...

That's a classic car. I'd bet you'd look good riding down the road in it. Looks like it's gonna take a bit of TLC to get it in some decent shape. Good luck with the sale.