Sunday, March 9, 2008

Annoying Pop-ups

I mentioned in my blog When Life Becomes a Book about the frustrations I am having with dealing with POP-UPS . I bumped into an interesting blog post while dropping Entrecards titled 7 Deadly Blog Sins, a great example of the way I feel, "Skip this ad" . Your DAMN RIGHT I'm going to skip this ad, I don't know about all of you bloggers, but I'm not out there to surf the web for ANNOYING POP-UPS , I'm out checking out the blogs and meeting new people. I'm not even in this for the money as much as the addiction of trying to get the most traffic into my blog to read the BOLONEY I have to say, scream or type out. Lately I've read a lot of blogs that are outraged of this ANNOYING pop-up ads. I guess you might want to say is which side of the bed did I get out on? but there is only one side I can get out on, and that the side my boyfriend sleeps on, other wise its over the couch I go...

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intrepidideas said...

I find those pop ups annoying too. I'm busy surfing the blogs for juicy content and not sales pitches! I must be honest, I don't remember seeing any pop-ups on your sight but I do have a pop-up blocker on my computer. I've also read that some of the widgets that we install have pop ups piggy-backing on the widget. Please let me know if you ever see a pop up on my blog. I probably didn't put it there.

Good luck!