Friday, March 14, 2008

Entrecard page stalling

The last few days I haven't been dropping Entrecards due to the speed of this old computer. I am still in the process of fixing my other computer, I have to tackle the storage to find the Window XP software. But the storage is a very crazy place to go because the boxes all seem to say the same thing Fragile.

Dropping Entrecards, one of my addicting and I can't even do it much today because Entrecards is to slow processing pages. I don't think the whole problem is just based on my computer, to small of a server on Entrecards and too many people boucing back and forth into and out of the website. Anyone else having this problem, so I can find out whether or not its my computer or their website. ;)

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chilly said...

Hi Terry!
I know yesterday Entrecard was a slow moving site. Plus the drops wasn't showing up. But this morning it seems to be back to running good and all my points have caught up from yesterday.
But I've been reading a lot of views on EC and I'm not sure anymore if it's for me. Think I was much more happy blogging before I found EC.
Hope you have a great weekend!!