Thursday, March 20, 2008

What a day...

Long day yesterday, I had to pull the hard drive out and tested in my other computer. Then it failed, so I took it and tried it as a slave drive, it failed again. I was completely worried that my new hard drive was ruined, but then I got an idea and decided to make it a brand new master drive (160GB) But I needed a another version of Windows, like Window 98/ or 95, because my Windows XP was just an update version. I found the Window 98 disk, but it was asking for a code, I didn't have the code. So, being frustrated, I put the Windows XP back into it and it took it...aha .. I was surprise, but still a long road ahead of me. I had to erase everything on the hard drive in order to download the Window 98/ or XP, I put everything I could possibly save on a Zip drive only 1GB and not all was able to fit so I had choices in what I wanted to give up.

I finally formatted the drive with Windows XP , I even had to download Microsoft Works , Modem driver, Sound Blaster CD, Mother Board Ausu, and software drivers. It actually turned out to be an all day thing. I even forgot which hard Drive went into the other computer. I haven't put it back completely together, I was exhausted by the end of the day thinking ..Wow...I finally accomplished what I wanted to, and what a day.

I manage to take a few shots of a Birch tree on image to make larger

What a view

Birch Tree

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