Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Anti-aging Creams "The Facts"

There are two products for your aging skin that really work. EB5 facial cream was invented by an Oregon pharmacist, and extensive clinical tests have proven that when used twice daily, EB5 does smooth the appearance of facial wrinkles, especially "Crows Feet" and those "Feather lips". EB5 contains the same ingredients as the more expensive creams, anti-oxidants and hydra tors, which will make your aging skin almost disappear. And its not expensive !!!

In fact, EB5 is like having 5 creams in one jar; a wrinkle cream, throat cream, firming cream, 24-hour moisturizer and make-up base....all in one, and as for those puffy eyes, there is EB5 eye gel formula but I just use the facial cream, and does the trick for my puffy eyes. It relieves puffiness and reduces the appearance of dark circles while firming, moisturizing dry eye areas. Its perfect for older women like me with deep circles or for younger women just beginning to notice symptoms of aging eyes. this is a must buy for women everywhere, I use it and it works for my "Crow Feet"