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Crescent Mills ~ Small Towns

Crescent Mills, CA, a tiny community nestled against the valley's western edge, was a mining boomtown between 1862 and 1882. Today it boasts a Bed and Breakfast inn, a nine hole golf course, a deli and a gift shop.
Gives you a general idea where Crescent Mills California is ...
I search for awhile on more info on this little town of Crescent Mills but came up with only pictures and not very many of those either. Hope you enjoy them.
Crescent Mills mill


For population 25 years and over in Crescent Mills

* High school or higher: 78.3%
* Bachelor's degree or higher: 10.3%
* Graduate or professional degree: 2.3%
* Unemployed: 7.7%
* Mean travel time to work: 60.9 minutes

For population 15 years and over in Crescent Mills CDP

* Never married: 16.0%
* Now married: 65.3%
* Separated: 3.7%
* Widowed: 3.7%
* Divorced: 11.4%

Ancestries: German (29.5%), English (29.1%), Irish (14.3%), Arab (3.9%), Polish (1.6%).
Elevation: 3520 feet
Land area: 4.24 square miles.
Population density: 61 people per square mile

This is a view of Crescent Mills, CA lake, close to the RV park.

Average Tempertures there in Crescent Mills, CA

Snow Fall.

Crescent Mills Lake

gives you an idea of the weather conditions there in Crescent Mills, CA

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