Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I put 'em up.
I put "goo" in an official report!
I put a boy into a coma.
I put a bucket in the middle of a circle.
I put a butterfly in my garden.
I put a layer of lasagna noodles on top.
I put a little surprise in there.
I put a lot of faith in us.
I put a mouse in a bag.
I put a price tag on my daughter.
I put a rainbow in the sky.
I put a spell on you.
I put a strip of tape on the carpet about 5 ft. away from the bucket.
I put agents' lives at risk.
I put all the round things together for Eunice.
I put all these diseases into the dog.
I put an asshole Republican oilman in the White House.
I put bone to bone.
I put butts in boats.
I put crap in my mouth.
I put down my beer and began to grope myself.
I put down the butter knife.
I put down the duckie!
I put down the picnic basket.
I put faith in the words of Allah.
I put feces into milk.
I put flesh to flesh.
I put freedom first.
I put horse manure on my head.
I put in my tampons with a bazooka.
I put it all together.
I put it back in the man's brain.
I put it down to "human nature."
I put it forward as an explanation for slime.
I put it in my sister's hair.
I put it into small medical syringes.
I put jellyfish in our sugar.
I put lipstick on my head.
I put little bells on my kid.
I put millions of dollars in off-shore banks.
I put more bucks in my bucket.
I put my arms around you.
I put my budgie in an outside cage.
I put my Dad on a respirator.
I put my daughter through college.
I put my eyes back in their sockets.
I put my faith in a bomb...
and my protection on a cross.
I put my finger in the other hole.
I put my glass on the table.
I put my head down on Baba's feet.
I put my head in the toilet.
I put my jewels back in the casket,
and dressed myself in the plain black gown.
I put my makeup on while driving.
I put my money where my heart is.
I put my psychic powers to work.
I put my sister to the test.
I put my well-manicured finger on the pulse of every crossdresser's dream.
I put myself on the fast track.
I put on a forlorn, pleading look, placed one finger in my mouth...
I put on a little puppet show.
I put on a tattered dress and joined the flower girls on the steps of the fountain.
I put on an elaborate performance
including eight conspicuous pieces of behavior of which four were entirely new.
I put on latex gloves at work.
I put on my green shoes.
I put on my long black coat.
I put on some antlers and walked like a moose.
I put on some death metal.
I put on the black stiletto heels.
I put our children at risk.
I put out raging fires.
I put people in the middle of my war with Satan.
I put priests to death.
I put shit in my dick and it was only $49.95.
I put slime on a string.
I put sports in perspective.
I put squid in the dish.
I put stripes in toothpaste.
I put succulent plants in strawberry pots.
I put the "ass" in punk-ass.
I put the "bra" in Brazil.
I put the "du" in dumb.
I put the asshole on the back-end of the horse instead of on top.
I put the beans in the bucket and put the dishpan in the center of the floor.
I put the belt around my life.
I put the bones in my pocket.
I put the car in reverse.
I put the cart before the horse.
I put the cluck in the duck.
I put the dog in the microwave.
I put the fatal pill in my mouth.
I put the forbidden fruit in the garden.
I put the glass to my lips.
I put the hurt on you.
I put the left leg of my pants on first.
I put the lime in the coconut.
I put the whammee on you.
I put them dinosaur bones in the ground.
I put this and that together.
I put thoughts in your minds.
I put together a 25 minute promotional tape.
I put too much pressure on my kids.
I put Twinkies in my suitcase.
I put two and two together.
I put unwrapped caramels and the water in a medium saucepan.
I put up a good fight.
I put viruses on this planet so people could teach themselves Harmonic accessing.
I put what where?
I put you in a cage with dogs.

Unknown Author ...