Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Six Feet Under

Nail to the bed
Spike through your head
Bullet stuck in your brain
Black blood's pouring down the drain

Live just like you died
Your body a marvel while your brain's fried
Still beautiful as you laid in your tomb
You were dead as soon as you left childhood's womb
Your mind shot dead by the media
Attention was the only thing feeding ya

Thought you could survive in the real world
But everyone laughed as you twisted and twirled
Shot you out through the cannon of reality
Back into your protective realm of fantasy

Killed by ignorance
Slain by stupidity
Shot by delusion
Crucified by reality

Eat corruption
Breathe propaganda
Cultivate misguided beauty
Kill individuality
Conform to society

Believe the system
It's what saved you
Love the system
It's what brought you back
Be the system
It made your mind anyway

Turned your life around
Took a new look
New obsession with appearances
You never used your head anyway

But now look again
From above, below, or just around
You died the day you started living
And now the Reaper finally caught up with you

Now you're just another name in the book
Written down and erased without a second look
A forgotten memory
A lost story
A corpse six feet under
Decaying body reflecting the mind you tore asunder