Friday, February 1, 2008

Whats going on in my world

Whats going on in my world you may read it in my blog titled Struggling Parents. I also expressed feelings in my blog titled Read between the lines. I try so hard to stay positive, write and think positive and then my brain somehow get dysfunctional and negative.

I wish there was a way in which you can erase the hurt from the past and the damage its done, just overnight and not so difficult to do by continually focusing on positive thoughts when everybody thats around me is so negative.

I've been reading a blog of amazing challenges and and also a struggle to stay positive, the blog title is named Addiction explained, this blog belongs to my oldest daughter who is battling an addiction as I am.

A poem;

Life through dark lens
battling all of my sins
the world unfocused
ears ringing, and me screaming
no one can hear me
just my soul cracks up
my heart aches of the past
wishing sleeping and dreaming never would pass
Jesus died on the cross
nails pounded into his hands and feet
forgiving those who pinned him
"forgive, for they do not know"
forgiving, forgetting, desiring wisdom and his guide-ness
step forward, go onward
the future is all that I have

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