Friday, February 15, 2008

Rebuild my life

My higher power and I have been through a lot together as we've tried to rebuild my life. But sometimes I don't feel that close to Him. I'd like to get to know Him better.

When I go looking for God, He not hard to find, He doesn't have an office or sit behind a desk. He's with me all the time.I can talk to Him and He's always ready to listen, even when all I do is complain. Sometimes He wants me to listen to Him. Thats when I start to understand why He calls the kind of plays He does.

Sometimes, when I get busy and forget to check in with Him, I start to feel panicky again. He just smiles and gives me a gentle nudge to remind me who's boss. Then He gives me the game plan for the day and lots of strength and confidence to help me carry it out.

He's a great listener and He's always willing to share His plans with me when I'm ready to listen to Him.

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Footsteps said...

He is good even when we're not. Good to know, huh? You've done an amazing job of opening up the gifts presented within your difficulties, Terry. Thanks for sharing your heart...