Saturday, February 16, 2008


I've had enough, tired of trying to catch up. You have so many things to do to keep up with blogging, that this can be so time consuming. Like leaving comments is my first thing, then post a topic in all 8 of my blogs, go to Bloglog Catalog, review blogs, make new friends, and review and comment on their blogs. Then go to other communities like bloglog, digit, blog cave, blog dune, and then drop encards, review more blogs and leave comments, it goes on and on and can take all day, and or hours.
Well I am exhausted and I enjoy doing it but it does get time consuming, I'm taking tomorrow off- I Have a great weekend...*smile*

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chilly said...

Hi Terry!
Your not leaving us are you??
Hope you have a great week!!
((((HUGS)))) !!!!