Sunday, February 24, 2008


I picked up the suitcases from my parents house, SO I can begin to pack. I'll pack most everything, but it seems scary, seemly like I really don't know what mt room or the house looks like. I have never even met them yet. But I can prepare myself, get organized and pack things even if I this doesn't work out, because eventually I will be moving out of my boyfriends house. I have been sorta comfortable about living there but I have some things I don't care to much for, one thing I will mention is it being so cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer. He has no insulation and doesn't really intend in getting any. My boyfriend is a procrastinator and I mean procrastinate...

I am motivating and getting myself ready mentally, and physically. I'm excited about getting my own room, because I haven't had one in years, I have always shared my room with my girl, and their friends, and my room has never been private. Now I have a lock on my door, even know I don't even know what the room looks like or even have met them. I don't even know what kind of people or situation I am getting myself into, but it seem to be a safe one, the man sounded like he was trustworthy. We'll see what happens, I room in either the middle of March, or the end of March.

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y@nTi'r said...

Hello terry nice blog.. Can I ask you.. Can you speak Indonesia.cause I look in to your profile any Indonesian languages

chilly said...

Hiya Terry! What I miss??? Your moving???? Or did you get the job and moving there???? You still going to be posting, right??? You'd be much missed if your not!!!
Maybe I should think of more questions! ;) LOL!!