Saturday, February 9, 2008

Anxiety and functioning in pain

Lately I've been getting anxiety because I have ran out of muscle relaxant called soma. My spasms are acting up because of the tension I am having from being out of that stupid medication, but I've realized my pain is in more control of me then myself and so is my medications. My medications are running my life because of my pain. To experience constant pain in everything that you do, it makes it difficult to focus and function.

Just think about it, if I don't take a certain medication the other medication don't even work to get rid of the pain. The muscle relaxant works only if I take it with all three of the other drugs I take, so I am taking 4 different medications to help control my pain level, and I am still in pain, I take 3 of one medication, 2 or 3 of another and the 2 of the muscle relaxants. So I stop and wonder how much pain would I really be in if I didn't take any pain medications. My pain level remains out of a scale of 1-10 its stays at a level of 5-6 while being on my medications. My fear is to not to allow my pain to get out of control and cause me to have a migraine headache.

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