Monday, February 25, 2008

I don't know if this is bad news or what

Spring is near, I took this picture this morning of my boyfriends peach tree, its in bloom. I look at the beautiful things in life and it makes me in a positive mood.

I was curious on my job, and I hadn't heard from them in a while so I called them and actually spoke to someone about the job. I was wondering if he knew if I was still really interested in the job and wanted to meet him, his brother, and father. But he told me that his Dad had taken a turn for the worse, taking a decline in his health and they are doing testing today, possibly bleeding in the brain, loss of memory. He is 88 and has had a very bad stroke, plus he has Parkinson disease.

I thought to myself that this would be the perfect job setting, and now it might never happen. So I live with 500 a month and try a find another job.
elderly decline in rest homes, theres a reason why they call it a rest home because all they do is rest, they decline, thinking they have no hope. I think that if he was in his home and the surroundings look familiar he would be in a positive motive, and he would be happier.

I thought about calling him and suggesting that he return home for hospice, but not really hospice, because he would be in his home and happier. I am certified Nurses Aide, Home Health Aide, and restorative Nurse Assistant certified (Physical therapy assistant, Range of motion). I am experienced in most everything, seeing that I've been an aide for 25 yrs. I could even put in an IV if I had to, but its out of my guidelines.

So, pray for me, but only for whats best for me and of course, following God's path.

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