Thursday, April 17, 2008


I joined Spott today, its sort of like Entrecard drop. You drop ads but you have different things happen with Spott.


Founder of Spott Philip Kaplan speaks out;


So in all the hoopla surrounding the launch of Spottt two days ago, I haven’t had a chance to write our first blog post. So… here we go. :)

There’s a lot we plan to post here:

  • Tips for making images that get high click-through rates
  • Stats & details about the Spottt community
  • Featured sites & Spottts
  • Drawings of cute dogs
  • And so on

So put your email address in the “subscribe” box to the right, to make sure you get the updates.

To start things off, I’ll list some stats. We’ll continue to post interesting stats here in the blog, in addition to releasing tools that help you learn more about the Spottt community as it relates to your own site. But here are some general stats, approximately 52-hours since launch:

  • Users: 952
  • Sites: 640 (apparently some of you slackers haven’t put the code on your sites yet)
  • Total pageviews per day: Around 500,000
  • Image with highest clickthrough rate (10%):

Okay, here is the weird thing. The image with the highest clickthrough rate (CTR)? The one with the squirrel? That’s for my personal site. I was apprehensive about posting this finding here, because people might think that I somehow rigged the system to give my image a higher percentage of clicks-to-impressions. But I didn’t.

I was surprised. Today, that image was shown 1,237 times, and clicked 129 times, on the same sites as everyone else’s Spottt. I have Spottts on 4 other sites, which aren’t doing quite as well. So the question is, why do people love that image so much, and what can we learn from it? More research is needed.

I’ll put together a blog post with the top-1o Spottt images with the highest CTR, and possibly lowest CTR. That should give us more info about what makes people click, and what does not.

Stay tuned, and thanks for using Spottt!

Rock on,
Philip Kaplan
Founder, Spottt

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