Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Reality ..."CHECK"..or just "Stress"

I keep reading about reality and reality can become very spooky for those who are an addict, reality world become a stressful world, I thank God that I have such a mellow boyfriend that doesn't seem to allow anything to bother him, and I love to be around him because everything seems to be so peaceful..."why stress over things" he says..."No one has died.." "RIGHT?" and I always say "NO" "NO one has died..." But for some reason I """"STRESS OUT"""..and maybe its over nothing, but at the time being, it seems to be everything...

I have alot going on this month about just making it to surgery ...the surgery itself isn't what I am worried about, other than the gas to get there...What a crazy screwed up world we live in that gas has to be just a an issue of cost of living...they knew all a long that gas was the number one thing that they could get us on..in the depression..it was the cost of food, but gas seems to be the number one thing that gets everyone...WOW..I have such a headache because of money... I will be back after my surgery... CLICK on link for detail
"When Life Becomes a Book"

Reality is where you are...
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ventureblogalist said...

best of luck!