Thursday, April 10, 2008

Entrecard pricing change

Myths about the new Pricing

Just a few naturally occurring worries about the pricing change that have been floating around on the forums that seemed worth addressing.

Entrecard is doing this so we’ll have to buy credits now!

No, believe me this was never a consideration in the change, and if it becomes clear that people can’t reasonably advertise based on 100 drops a day or less, we will fix it somehow. Maybe you won’t get on Problogger for that without saving for a while, but in general you should be able to find and advertise on a few sites a day easily enough.

Nobody will drop anymore! my drops are already falling!

While your individual drops may be falling - changes in the way the categories are browsed will mean a bit of instability there - the overall drops have seen a marginal increase since the same time yesterday.

My blog isn’t worth 1024ec

Remember that the price your blog will spend most of its time at, is the price unit one higher than people are willing to pay. So if you spend almost all your time on 1024ec, your blog valuation by the community in general is 512ec - that’s what they’re willing to consistently pay for your spot.

It’s too early to really pay too much attention to those numbers.

These ad prices are way too high

Some of them are, yes absolutely, and we expect those to come down over the next couple of days. However over all the ad pricing is clearly affordable, we have a significant increase in ad purchases today vs the same time yesterday, and while partly that’s the result of a bit of a crazy spending spree by many users, we do expect it to pretty much continue at a slightly higher rate than before.

For those who are curious, EST time:

Midnight to 19:30, 7th: 5,938 ads purchased for 195,377ec total

Midnight to 19:30, 8th: 7,169 ads purchased for 349,591ec total

The higher total price is being taken as indicative that the prices more accurately match the value users judge of particular spots, and are therefore more willing to spend the credits it takes to advertise on a particular spot. One particularly good outcome if this trend continues is that we will be able to significantly reduce the “tax” rate on advert purchases, something I’ve wanted to do for a long time.

Does anyone else think this is outrageous? prices jumped up so far, I guess I'm just suffering over my surgery yesterday

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