Friday, April 18, 2008

Blog sold for 65,000

Small Potato ( recently sold his blog for $65,000 to some Polish guy called Pawel Ciszewski. It is really amazing that the blog was sold for that much money even when it was not earning any substantial revenue. But anyway, I feel that he has made a wrong choice by selecting someone who is not related to the WordPress field and the blog is in jeopardy now. I guess he was in a hurry to pack his bags for his tours.

There has been no news posted since March 28, 2008 on the blog which is making the blog readers impatient and many have already unsubscribed from the blog. Pawel who is the new owner, promised the blog readers that he is hunting for theme designers and other staff who will run the blog. But its very ironical that there has been no update after that point. According to some readers’ research, Pawel Ciszewski runs some online casino sites. So, this really shows how much he will care about the reputed blog which was taken to a high level by his. But SP (small potato), shame on you… your baby (Blog) is dying out there and no one really cares.

If you read the history of Blog Oh! Blog, you will know that He...

(Jai Nischal Verma)

purchased his blog from Bob (the previous owner) for $10,000 and have managed to take the blog to the next level. He does not have any shame admitting the fact that he bought this blog for earning money but hey, he never ceased to make good themes or write useful stuff for the readers (which is clearly appreciated by the community). Blog Oh! Blog is very close to his heart and if he'd ever sell (not likely though), he will not let it go into the hands of any Tom, Dick or Harry..he promises that much to you all.

Jai Nischal Verma purchased on November 05, 2007 from its previous owner & founder, Bob Jiwakacau for $10K at a Sitepoint auction. By profession, he is a Web Developer based in New Delhi, India, and also maintain several websites of my own. He will continue to do the good work that Bob did so far and of course, take BOB to the next level as blogging is his passion too! By the way, he loves Wordpress and as Bob mentioned to him in his talks, its a Magic CMS.

Bob Jiwakacau (Founder)

This site was developed and authored by Bob Jiwakacau (nickname). Bob is a Malay amateur blogger living in small town (Malacca) on the south of Malaysia. When he designed blog, his aim was to share his knowledge, discovery and experience related to his hobby and work.

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