Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Popular wealth on their blogs

these are the last 20 people to talk about Popular Wealth on their blogs…
(List updates via Technorati RSS with blogs that link to the Popular Wealth homepage.)

Update: Begining May 1st Popular Wealth will post an update that gives credit to the people who dropped the most cards on Popular Wealth during the previous month. In addition, if anyone wants to donate a minimum of 250 credits or more towards the giveaway and receive special mention, click here and give credits to this site (include a note with your sites uri). Surplus credits will be divided in two. 50% going to promote the giveaway via ads, 50% as bonus prizes in Dec.

Another update: has also launched a contest worth looking into, it has some heavyweight names involved.

Can you believe Entrecard Credits have even made it to eBay?!

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