Friday, April 25, 2008

Affiliate incentive

Affiliate incentive
Not only do you still get paid for clicking ads, still get paid 10 cents for referring new members, and 10% of ad purchase revenues from your downline... Premium members will now get paid FIVE LEVELS deep for referrals who upgrade their accounts to Premuim accounts! You heard it right - Five Levels! With the old program you only received $5 for each upgrade you referred. If you referred three, your maximum earnings for those referrals was $15. With our new and improved affiliate program, your max earnings for those three referrals is up to $366.50!!!

Free Referral Program
When you refer a new member to you earn commissions three ways. First, for every person that you refer, you will earn a special commission of $0.10 cents. Second, when your referral purchases an ad spot on, you receive 10% of the fee ClixSense charges to display the ad. The third way of earning is if your referral upgrades to a "Premium" account, you earn $2.00 of the upgrade fee. Management reserves the right to extend this offer.

Here is my referral URL used to refer others to ClixSense:

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