Saturday, January 5, 2008


Thinking and more thinking as I lye awake.

I thought to myself there's no sense in fighting over the scraps that others
might or might not throw under the table. Instead, I'll get busy
and create my own magnificent feast. Seeing that I have been cooking a lot lately.

I'll stop going from door to door begging for someone else to
solve all my problems for me. Instead, pick a formidable
challenge, work my way through it, and I'll eventually build plenty
of strength and experience to handle whatever situations
come my way.

What possible use is there in developing elaborate arguments
that place the blame for my difficulties on someone else?
When I can put my energy into creating a brilliant future, not into
fighting over what has already been left behind.

This is my life and the only person who can successfully live
it is me.

Do I really think I can ever find fulfillment by signing
over my control and responsibility to someone else? I'm
here to live and to do, not to merely observe and complain.

Nothing that could ever be done for me or handed to me can
come close to the experience of making a positive difference
in my own unique way. This is my life, so I'll jump right into it
and live the exquisite richness as I make my own way
through it.

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