Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I'll Find Ways

Can I find it within myself to appreciate and even enjoy
what I do not like? By so doing, I will experience a
sense of acceptance, peace and power.

Can I learn to be understanding and patient when I've
been angered, frustrated, or inconvenienced? If do so, and
I'll discover a highly effective way to move forward no
matter what.

Am I able to respect and explore an opinion or
perspective with which I disagree? That can add real
strength and conviction to my own perspective.

Life's richness does not come from just staying with what is
familiar, comfortable and pleasurable. It is when I
venture out, away from the familiar, that I grow stronger
and more capable.

Hold tightly to my core values while at the same time
opening my mind and my heart to new thoughts, feelings
and experiences. My own perspective will grow stronger
when I look at it from other perspectives.

I'll find ways to provide a healthy challenge for my
understanding of life. And I'll learn to understand, to
discover and to experience so very much more.


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