Friday, January 4, 2008

Magnificently Expressed

If I am not moving forward, it's because I'm holding
myself back. I may have chosen to blame my lack of
progress on outside factors, yet deep down I know that I
am the primary factor.

It doesn't really matter why or how I've chosen to prevent
myself from achieving my desired results. What's crucial
is that I simply get out of the way and allow myself to
move forward.

There is a very real and accessible connection between me
and whatever it is that I desire. To achieve my desired
results takes nothing more than activating that connection
and letting it follow its natural course.

The same conditions that make my desires possible also
make it possible for me to fulfill those desires. So I stop
fighting those conditions and start making use of them.

I am not separate from the fulfillment of my dreams.
I am in fact the person through whom that fulfillment can
be most easily and most magnificently expressed.

Let the seeds of my treasured desires grow as they will in
the fertile ground of intention. Allow whatever I seek to
flow freely and unhindered from the best of who I am.

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