Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Changing the world

There was a time when I thought I could change the world.
I maybe right, and I still am.

There was a time when I knew that life was filled with
limitless possibilities. It still is, and so I am.

Perhaps I'm dismayed that so much time has passed without
much noticeable progress. Yet the longer I've waited to
move forward, the more quickly and powerfully I can do so
when I choose to start.

To change the world, and to fulfill my greatest
possibilities, does not require anything from my past.
It's a matter of making a choice, in the present, to act
with positive purpose.

Now is the place where my life resides. And now is what
I choose to make it.

With a thankful, joyful heart, I look around me at the
possibilities that stretch out in all directions and I choose one
of those possibilities now, and proceed to lovingly give
life to it.

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