Tuesday, January 1, 2008


Most of of blogs are short & sweet with positive information today maybe because its the first of the year...lol, but the problem is that I go up and down. I am either positive or extremely negative...sometimes I don't know if I can pull out of being negative and I think to myself how a drink right now sure sound pretty damn good. But I stop myself and remember the pain its caused with me, my family and friends and even people I didn't even know, leaving me in a large mess. Its a extreme struggle day to day, but it doesn't really have to be.

I received this book for a Christmas present, and maybe you've heard of it before. Its called "Ten prayers God always says yes to" by Anthony DeStefano, its "Divine answers to life's most difficult problems". So I am going to start reading it to bring me out of this depressing state of mind. "More things are wrought by prayer than world of ....", and that was Alfred Lord Tennyson's quote. "When we pray properly, sorrows disappear like snow before the sun". Its a book about prayers God always says yes to, Not prayers he says maybe, not now, or no to. Not prayers he says yes to sometimes, most times, or once in awhile, its prayers that God says Yes to all the time. I guess its about keeping in touch with your inner self and allowing that positive voice to keep repeating. OH Yes...it feels so right, BUT...it's that quiet voice that you almost want it to shut the heck up, its telling you your making a mistake. don't do it, at all. But yes seems simple and easy but in the long run "its wrong", and you suffer the wrong outcome.

So why don't people take advantage of prayers that work? One big reason is that they are so caught up in prayers that don't work. All over the world right now, people are shaking their heads in frustration, asking the question, "Why doesn't God answer me when I cry out to him?

Do you believe?
Do you think God exists?
Is their death at the end of the story?
Are we alone in the Universe?
Is there a heaven and hell?
Is there a plan for my life?

If there is no God, then any talk about Providence and eternity is absurd. The funeral really is the end of the story, and life has no meaning beyond the day to day. Well then "Thats all, folks !"

One the other hand, if there is a God, then a world of possibilities opens up to us. With God, not only does every human being live forever, but all the actions we take and decisions we make have a significance that extends far beyond the present moment. In fact, everything that happens to us all in our life, down to the tiniest, most insignificant detail, is mysteriously tied to "God's plan."

well anyways, I will read more of this wonderful book tomorrow and post the out come. I am monitoring my lifestyle to see what the outcome will be by just believing within myself and God.and staying positive..Happy 2008

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