Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Celebrate what's working

Out of necessity, I often focus on the things in my life
that are not working as well as I'd like them to be. It
pays to also consider, appreciate and celebrate the vastly
large number of things that are working just great.

Occasionally I'll turn the key in the ignition and my
car won't start, causing hassles, frustration and delays.
Yet how very many more times do I cause to be
thankful when I turn the key, the car starts right up, and
I drive quickly and safely to my destination?

The problems and the pains may at times seem to be
overwhelming. I have to keep in mind though, that the only reason I
notice them at all is because they are so relatively rare.

The news each day may appear to be all bad news. However,
what qualifies anything to be news is the fact that it is
highly unusual.

In my normal course of life, there are so very many things
which work just fine that I only notice a small fraction
of them all. I open my awareness to more of them, seek to be
more genuinely thankful for them, and I'll connect more
fully to their immensely positive power.

I'll celebrate what's working in my life and in my world, and
those few things that are not working will hardly be able to
even slow me down. I'll celebrate what's working, and it will
increasingly work even better for me.

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