Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Have you experienced lately how offering a little kindness
can refresh your very soul? All around you are opportunities
to do just that.

Kindness is its own reason. Kindness is its own reward.

Are you weary from all the anxiety, frustration, worry,
anger and confusion that seem to continually build up within
your life? A little kindness can quickly help to melt all
that away.

You can tell people all day long that you really care, and
many will still not believe you. Yet give some genuine
kindness on a regular basis and you won't have to tell them
anything; they'll know.

Are you strong enough and confident enough to give of
yourself out of pure kindness? Just do it, and you'll
discover that you are indeed.

There can never be too much kindness in the world. Create
some more today, and find real joy in its warm glow.


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