Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Where did Santa's reindeer come from?

Where did Santa's reindeer come from?

As you probably know, the modern day Santa character is an amalgam of several different real and mythological beings. From a Christian saint to a Sandanavian Elf. Part of that illustrious History includes the Shamanic traditions of the Norse, the Scandanavians and even the Russians. To those people, the Reindeer are more important than Gold (or Frankencense or Myrrh).

As beasts of Burden to pull sleighs, as meat in winter, as the source of an economy. The reindeer are a vital beast. Now add to this the Shamin's practice of flying (Its up to you whether you want to believe they actually fly or just take hallucigenes to get the sensation of flying) and you find where the core of Flying reindeer leading Santa's sleigh comes from.


Most of Santa's Reindeer are from Greenland and Nunavut but Rudolph is the first Reindeer to be born on the North Pole.

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