Monday, December 3, 2007

Christmas is coming

So Christmas is how far away? Still have shopping to due, presents to wrap and candy to make. How about the Christmas tree? needs decorating and the house needs lights put on it. Every year I buy new lights just because I don't want to untangle the ones that were packed last year. And every year I keep telling myself to save those Christmas boxes and bows, but they end up torn or thrown away.

Christmas is the time of years to give, did you think you might as well give them your pocket book or life savings. people every year spend crazy on gifts and every year I tell myself also that I wont get myself in debt but I feel I do every year...

Have you gotten into the Christmas spirit? or have you turned into a scrooge?

So go ahead, do what you do every year, get out the Christmas lights, the ornaments, the wrapping paper, and decorations and get into the holiday spirit.

I know what helps me to get into the spirit is to turn on some old albums of Christmas songs and have a sing-a-long with your kids, pets, or/and loved ones and celebrate another year ready to reborn...;)
Happy Holidays !!!

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