Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What I am doing for Christmas

Me and my two daughter Alex is the blond and Michellie is the brown hair, and My twin sister is the blond all the way on the right

My Dad

My Mom

I am confused, my Mother called me and said she didn't like the way my kids act at her house while visiting them at Christmas so she said she just wanted her and my Dad to go out to dinner and we just come over for a shorter visit. My kids like the camera if you have noticed on some of the blogs I have posted my two youngest daughter posing on her camera. What she expects of them is to sit and visit be exchanging what goes on in their lives, meaning whats going on in her and my Dads lives. She's upset that we don't go visit them as often as she would like, she says we only go over there to need something, well we are all busy and I will point out to my kids to go over more but she doesn't like their attitudes.

So I think that my kids should get to know my boyfriend and his side of the family, and I told this to my Mom I hope she didn't get offended. My boyfriend is 18 years older then me, he is 65 and I am 47. So his oldest kids are almost my age, it doesn't bother me because I have loved this man for 7 yrs when I fell in love with him I lived next door to him. I was his neighbor and I would go visit him, but he was involved with another woman.

I'll have to ask him if he would like for my kids to come visit his children on Christmas like he does for the holidays. Maybe I will buy a turkey for Christmas and make it here at Alex house just for the three of us. My oldest daughter and her son are 10 states away, so me and my 2 youngest daughters will have dinner here I guess, I haven't talk to them sense my Mother called, I hope they don't get offended, but I think they will because they are sensitive like me...any-who, thats whats been happening, we will be having a different type of Christmas this year and I guess the main thing is that we are together.

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