Friday, December 7, 2007

Home movies

This family video is a video made by my brother who created it by putting together home movies as when we were youngesters. My brother did a pretty good job on putting together all of them old movies that my dad filmed during our younger years clear up until I was 3 or four yrs old.

Watch closely and you will see me in them, now don't get confused between me and my oldest step sister, I am the shorter one with brown hair and my brother is the blond along with my twin sister Tammy. At the beginning you will notice Tammy trying to get out of the camera, and then my brother, then me with my butt in the air making sand castles in the sand, this was taken at Carlsbad California. My step sister Nina and my brother were building their empire along the shore. Don't laugh at me trying to get use to the water, it was always cold to me...and then their is my mother tanning herself.

So then we went water skiing, I was the first to get into the water, it shows my brother up skiing and then me wobbling on one ski. Then my step sister Nina, and at last Tammy for just a short moment.

Okay now we are younger its me and my twin sis Tammy in our backyard, we were having a barbeque and watch me ride my pony sugar, I loved that pony, me and Tammy took turns riding her and there is our dog cookie. Last of the movie is my step sister Nina and her brown pony, enjoy the video...;)

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chilly said...

LOL! Hi There!
Great video indeed! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Teri!

Thanks for the well wishes! How was your weekend? That's a great home movie! Was the original film in a 8mm format? I am going to take a wild guess and say that the movie camera was a Bell-Howell.

Mee mOe said...

you are correct MysterHK...home movies, put together...thank you so much for commenting on my blog, it gets lonely...;)