Saturday, December 1, 2007

My Grandson Mikey

I miss my grandson Mikey very much, him and I use to play games together, like playstation, gameboy, Xbox and outdoor games to. He is so smart and use to challenge me in these games. So much smarter them me, he wants to invent something and become rich and his ideas are amazing. He now lives in Missouri 11 states away from me. We chat on yahoo messager sometimes but lately not very often, I hear from my daughter about once every other day which is Mikey's Mommy. I posted some pictures into this blog of Mikey and his Mom. I miss them so much my heart aches.
Batter up!!! SWING MIKEY !!!

Awl sweet when children are sleeping...

Mikey ...isn't he handsome?

My daughter Jilly, isn't she beautiful?

My Daughter Jilly, this is Mikey's Mommy.

Mikey at 8yrs old...

Mikey at 6 yrs old.

Mikey at 6 yrs old in my 5th wheel...face deco.

Mikey at 8 (Cute,uh?)

Mikey at 7 yrs old in the back seat of my car.

Me and Mikey he is 7 here.

Mikey the incredible hulk (9)

Mikey at his birthday party, turning 9 yrs old.

Mikey in his baseball uniform...

Mikey at a baseball game, he is only 8 here.

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Tony and Annie said...

hello blog hopping here! happy weekend