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The Grays

The mystery of the alien's little black box. Why aliens abduct humans.

For years there were accounts of alien encounters where the aliens showed a little black box to humans. The aliens held up the box and pointed to it, then returned to their spacecraft and left. People having such encounters wondered why the aliens did not try to communicate with them further. The contents in the little black box remained a mystery for decades. Thanks to investigators such as Budd Hopkins and Dave Jacobs, we now know what is in the box.

The box contains a live fetus of a hybrid which is part human and part alien. Showing the box is an act of triumph. The aliens plan to colonize the earth with their new race and replace the human race. By showing the box the aliens are demonstrating that they have succeeded in creating a replacement for the human race.

After aliens take either sperm or eggs from humans, depending on their sex, or in some cases, an alien/hybrid baby, the human abductees are taken into large rooms in the alien's spacecraft containing alien/hybrid fetuses in tanks at different stages of development.

Abductees wondered why they did this. The answer is now obvious, the aliens are showing humans their replacement. The aliens are in effect telling abductees that the new alien/hybrids will replace them. There will be no more humans on the earth.

Nothing could be more frightening.

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These are a child's drawings of alien/hybrid children, the new race the aliens will use to replace the human race.

The Alien Plan for Humans

Information from abductees

There will be some kind of final event or invasion. Many abductees will participate in the event and perform tasks that the aliens have trained them to do. According to one abductee, it takes two pilots to control one alien spacecraft. The aliens are short on pilots so they are training abductees to pilot their spacecraft during the final event! One abductee, a woman in her mid fifties, is being trained to rescue aliens on the ground during the event, so the aliens must be considering that they will meet resistance for whatever they plan to do.

An abductee in England reported that large groups of abductees are taken to some kind of meeting center and receive a presentation about the aliens' plans for the future, which includes a climatic event.

Aliens will take all of the children they are working with at their final act. The parents of several child abductees reported this information.

Here's what an alien/human hybrid telepathically told an abductee as reported in The Threat by David M. Jacobs, Ph.D.

"And he's saying to me that, 'You know how you have memories?'

And I'm saying like, 'What do you mean, memories?'

He's saying, 'You know how you remember your father, your mother, your sister, the birthday parties?'

I think he's giving me an example and I'm saying yes.

And he goes, 'Someday people who are like you will not have those memories either. They'll be like me.' Like him meaning.

And I'm saying, 'What do you mean by that?'

He's saying, 'Don't you understand that?'

I said no, or rather, I don't say no, I just shake my head. And then again he tells me to listen.

He says, 'There will be only one purpose for you. You won't have memories like you do now.'

I'm asking him like, 'You mean me?' He goes, 'No, the people who will come after you.'

I don't know what he means by that.

He's asking me, 'Are you understanding?'

I'm shaking my head like I don't. I'm asking him, 'They're not going to take me away, are they?'

And he's saying, 'They don't need to take you away. They will come.'

I don't know what he means by this. Again I ask him what are they doing.

He looks down and he looks up at me again and he lifts his arm up. He is saying something like, 'Do you see this?'

And I say, 'What, your arm?'

He goes, 'Never mind.'

I said, 'No, tell me. Tell me. What are the aliens doing?'

And he's saying all they're interested in, that no matter what happens at all, is that they control."

Conjecture from UFO sources

There will be a world wide blackout which will paralyze every industrial country in the world. The blackout will last for days. The aliens will accomplish the blackout by transmitting large amounts of electricity into power relay stations and blowing out their circuit breakers. The aliens developed this technique in the 1960's as documented in the book, Incident at Exeter by John G. Fuller. This scenario was also confirmed by an abductee who was taken during a blackout in the 1960's.

Every country's defenses will be disabled. Aliens have disabled ICBMs in their silos, missiles in flight as recorded by Air Force motion pictures, missile defenses in both the U.S., Russia and other countries. Aliens have flown over and tested the defenses of many military installations around the world as described in Timothy Good's book, Above Top Secret, The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover Up.

The shutdown of 20 Minuteman missiles at Malmstrom Air Force Base by aliens in 1967 is documented in Failed Giant by Robert Salas and James Klotz.

The destruction of an Atlas F missile in flight from Vandenburg Air Force Base by aliens in 1964, which was filmed by the Air Force, is documented as Case Seven in UFOs Over California by Preston Dennett.

For more information on UFO encounters with our defenses see: The Flying Saucer Conspiracy and Aliens From Space by Marine Corps Major Donald Keyhoe, Flying Saucers on the Attack by Harold T. Wilkins, UFO Evidence by Richard Hall, The UFO Book by Jerome Clark, UFOs and the National Security State by Richard Dolan, Clear Intent: The Government Coverup of the UFO Experience by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry J. Greenwood, and the forthcoming book, The UFO/Nukes Connection by Robert L. Hastings.

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