Monday, May 26, 2008

Communitiy confusion

I am debating on all of these communities on which one of them is the best. I have joined all of these I have listed and many more. FriendFeed is great for keeping track of all of your entry feeds, pay per post is great if you can get someone to pay you to post, Blog reviews are nice because it helps your rating or PR, and Blogger Choice Award is also good for your rating, and PR. Like I said before these are just a few communities to help boost your blogs.

Companies that adopt blogs must realize that developing a candid dialog with customers is the best way to build a meaningful customer relationship.
Originality/value – This study is the first attempt to systematically investigate the corporate blogging phenomenon.

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My site was nominated for Best Blog About Blogging!Mascot

The key or I should say the "point I am trying to get across" is that their are so many communities, and they become confusing on which one to join to help direct traffic or make money with your blogs. I am totally confused at this moment on what/ which one to join that would benefit my blogs.

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