Thursday, May 8, 2008

Entrecard Bookmark list

Get 300 Entrecard credits a day - EASY!
Just follow this system…

Note: please check back regularly for an updated list (You can check the comments below to get an idea of the last time it was updated).

We all know of entrecard, and if you haven’t heard of them yet, read this post. It’s a pretty sweet system that allows you to earn some valuable advertising and traffic to your blog for free. The main problem is that in order to earn the maximum number of credits (300) you have to take a great deal of time dropping your entrecard on 300 other blogs.

Here’s what you do to drop your entrecard 300 times in less than 30 minutes

There are other sites with systems to help you drop your entrecard, but this system is by far the best there is as I’m not asking you to come back to my site everyday to click on the links. I’ve made it WAY easier. I have bookmarked 300 of the fastest loading pages that have their entrecard above the fold (see below to add yours!). To reduce this list to manageable amounts, I have broken it down into 30 groups of 10 sites each. I suggest you use the Firefox browser for this as it takes up less resources on your computer than I.E. - If you don’t have Firefox, there’s a free download link below to get it. Now, here are the step-by-step instructions:

  1. Download the entrecard bookmark list
    (RIGHT click, and select “save as”. The bookmark file is just a plain text file - virus proof, don’t worry. If you prefer you can just click the link above and then copy the text and save it in notepad)
  2. Using Firefox go to “bookmarks”, then “organize bookmarks”, then under “file” in the bookmark organizer widow select “import bookmarks”. Choose “from file” (not “internet explorer”) and select the “entrecard_bookmarks.txt” file you just saved from step one (or whatever you named it). All the sites are added to your bookmarks now.
  3. Go to your bookmarks, select the new entercard sites folder, then RIGHT click group 1 and select “Open All In Tabs”.
  4. Give your browser a few seconds to open all the pages and start going through them and droppin’ your card! I suggest going to the tabs that load fastest first. Should only take you a moment to go through all ten tabs. I also recommend you hit f11 on your keyboard to browse these sites in full screen mode. Can make finding the entrecards that are low on the screen easier to see.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4’till you’ve dropped your card 300 times! Easy - should only take about 20 minutes to do ‘em all!!!!

If you find any links that conisitantly load slowly or have any other issues please comment here and I will fix the bookmark file.


Wanna be a really good person and help out the blogs on the list (could be you)? Follow these tips to help the blogs you’re dropping on in more ways than one:

  1. In an effort to help the people on the list lower their bounce rate, once you’ve dropped your card, click on another link in the blog you just dropped on (any internal link, don’t click a link that’ll take you off their blog), then move on to the next tab and repeat. Doing it this way will be a HUGE benefit to everyone on the list and will only take a second to do. Having a high bounce rate isn’t beneficial to your Alexa or Google ratings.
  2. If you happen to like the page you just dropped on, STUMBLEUPON IT! What a great way to show your appreciation. If you don’t have the StumbleUpon toolbar installed click here to get it. If you don’t know about, you’re missing out big time (and could be missing out on 1000’s of free visitors)! Click here to read more!

That’s it. Doing those two things will help everyone on the list sooooo much.

If you would like to add your site to the list to receive some major drops on your entrecard, here are the requirements:
  1. Your site needs to load under 2 seconds (Load Time, not Average Speed per KB). Use the speed test below to check your site.
  2. Your entrecard needs to be above the fold (visible when your page loads without having to scroll down)
  3. I ask for a reciprocal link to this blog on your site - this is REQUIRED! (I only put it in caps as 50% of the people that have asked me to be added fail to provide a reciprocal link)

That’s it. If you meet the qualifications above, comment here with your link URL, the link text, and the URL of where the reciprocal link can be found and I’ll add you to the list within 24-48 hours (be patient, it could take a few days). Once the list is full of 300 sites that meet the above requirements I will no longer be adding to the list. I’ll post here when that happens.

As of 3-24-08 there are only about 30 places reserved so there’s still lots of room on the list for people willing to reciprocat! (the other 270 are just random Entrecarders),

Also if you want to help this system get the most drops as possible, please help to promot this page. The more people we can get to use it, the more we’ll get dropped on! Feel free to use the graphic or text links below.

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