Friday, May 23, 2008

Analyzing myblogs through technorati


This is just 3 of my blogs through technorati

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My point is that my ratings on my blog titled "Struggling Parent" is only "Authority 10", its kind of crazy because, this is the blog I do most of my posting in. My blog titled "The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery" has an "Authority 303". But has no fans. If you click on the link below to my Sleeping Turtle blog, and noticed that I have only posted maybe 5 post in it entire blog life, and the Authority 303 is just crazy. The blog I work with the most, has the lower Authority.

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The Sleeping Turtle Art Gallery

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sukku said...

Have you earned anything yet from the blogs. So far my account at adsense shows zero. I am just wondering how to make some money and I have been blogging for sometime. Almost a year at Opera, but you don't get paid there, made a few friends though.

Anyway interesting blog and ideas.

You take care.