Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Letter to the court re- eviction

This letter is to Salty & Pauline Salado,
I don't expect you to sympathize with me on my condition of being continually late on the rent. I would like to make a truce, I guess that I didn't realize how serious the process is. As you know, that I mentioned before, my income has drastically changed. Workers compensation, temporary disability, and permanent disability , have been messed up. I have applied for SSI, welfare, food stamps, and loans. It would not seem to you that I have been trying with coming up with any amount of money to get caught up on the rent. I have offered to pay anything to get caught up, a week ago. I know that I am two a half months behind owing the amount of $750 , and now tacked on to the amount attorney fees also of $750.
I know that you have heard every excuse there is on being late paying rent. Communication has never been something I've done in the past, but living here means a lot to me and I know that you do not want to hear my sad story. If we could meet in a meeting between John Parker and the both of you to discuss canceling this eviction . but only on terms that I come up with the total amount due, I would appreciate it.
My diagnosis is two bulging discs in my neck , which causes a chronic pain issues. There isn't too many things I am capable of doing. I am on four different medications , all the time to control my pain. My case , to workers compensation is still open . and they are determining whether or not . I am capable of being retrained. I still have three surgeries that I will be having, within three years. They are also giving me , physical therapy , and other treatments.
I minimized my bills, reduced them extremely, mentioning the loss of my cell phone, the loss of my car, and not buying cigarettes. The savings of reducing my bills and miscellaneous come to $595. I didn't realize how much I could save by reducing, canceling and the purchase of miscellaneous items.
I've come to realize that having a roof over my head is more important than these items I've mentioned above. I now will always , make sure that my rent will be the first thing to pay. If there is anything I can do to remain in this apartment besides paying , what is owed please let me know.
The both of you , including John Parker have always been so patient with me on paying the rent or my apartment. You can contact me by my home phone at 530 --894 --31 53, I am available to speak to an early mornings.