Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Complete Awareness

It has been said that Beingness is the highest form of existence. And this is true. But what leads to Beingness? Action. That is why You have been placed into the Physical. For it is in moving around the energy that you would call "physical" that Beingness is most profoundly demonstrated.
It is the purpose of Life to BE Who You Really Are.
It is the function of Life to provide You with opportunities to experience that. It is the process of Life to move you into that expression and experience.
Here is how the process works. First, you decide Who You Are Next Going to Be. This is a spiritual undertaking and a spiritual function. It is an invitation to the soul from The Soul; to the Little Self from the Big Self; to the Individuation from the Unification. It is the next idea from the Divine. It is what creates Growth. It is the fuel of Evolution.
Once you "get" this Idea, you can never let it go, and it will not "let go of you", until it is fully expressed. This may take many lifetimes. But it does not have to.
What You are "up to", what You are engaged in, is a process by which you seek to make this new idea of the Self "real" This is called Self Realization.
The mechanism by which you produce Self Realization is called Experience. Experience is the device, or the tool, through which you turn Knowing into Being. This is a physical undertaking and a physical function. It is why physicality exists.
Once you Experience who you Know your Self to Be, you move into Beingness. The State of Being into which you move is neither physical nor spiritual, but a third state altogether which is both, and therefore neither. It is when you Know and Experience simultaneously. In this state there is no Time, only simultaneosity. Everything occurs sequentaneously.
This Third State is the apex of the Holy Triangle. It is Complete Awareness and Total Expression of the Pure Essence of Who You Are. It is bliss. It is nirvana. It is heaven. It is Unification. It is Self Realization.
This Complete Awareness and Total Expression can occur at any "moment" during the process that you call Life. Indeed, it is occurring at every "moment," because there is no such thing as Time. It is occurring sequentaneously. It is Always Occurring, and you simply do not Know it. Because you do not Know it, you do not Experience it.
Therefore, Self Realization is not a process of accomplishing, it is a process of awakening to what has already been accomplished. It is not something You achieve, it is something you become aware that you have already achieved. Indeed, at the highest level it is clear that this is not even something that you have "achieved," for achievement implies that there was something you had to "do" to Become this -- and there is not. You ARE this, and always were this, for the Idea and the Expression of it is and always will be Simultaneous. It is Full Awareness which reveals this to You.
When you pray, you are asking God for this Full Awareness. You may not think of it this way consciously, but that is what you are doing, whether you know it or not, whether you call it that or not.
Yet your life as you live it is the process by which you turn what you Know of your Self into what you Experience of your Self, thus producing what you are Being Now. Therefore, all the words that you put into your fervent prayer do not have half the power of what you do when you get up off your knees. How you behave between visits to the Temple is how you Be-Have the Experience of what you Know about your Self.
Action is the highest form of prayer.

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I love all of you and miss you !!! Have a great week !!! HUGS !!!

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