Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tremble with your presence

I want to breathe you in

Crawl inside your head

Walk around for hours

Exploring thoughts unsaid

I want to taste your fear

And swim inside your eyes

Wrap up in your soul

And feel your anger rise

I want to lick your pain

Bathe in all your tears

Suffocate with memories

You've gathered through the years

I want to kiss your depth

And wallow in your sin

Feeling every single thing

You've ever felt within

I want to touch your anger

Linger in your pride

Soaking up the hatred

You buried deep inside

I want to smell your secrets

Inhaling all the lies

Relish in contentment

That floats upon your sighs

I want to hear your love

Trail fingers down your dreams

Soak my feet in happiness

Of endless laughter streams

I want to see your turmoil

Get lost inside the lust

Piled up in corners

Collecting passions dust

I want to grasp your innocence

Submerge inside your guilt

Tremble with perceptions

That I have never felt

I want to caress your consciousness

And lay beside your cries

Tremble with your presence

Engulfed within your eyes