Sunday, November 16, 2008

How long this last?

“Crisis on wall street, or with the world”

Crisis on wall street, or possibly the next depression from eighty years ago. Greed is the main problem on Wall Street, we all knew it would effect everyone. The Banks, are all crashing to Bankruptcy. The million dollar birthday parties, and the hundred dollar burger. People taking advantage over the stock market and the CEO positions. Too much money causes greed, now who needs a 3 thousand dollar hair cut and a 3 million dollar birthday party when everyone is heading for the next depression…its called greed !!!

How long will it last? How long did the last depression last? Because of all those big spenders, and high rollers we all suffer…do you remember the movie about the poor switches positions with the rich? This may happen. I don’t think that we all realize that we maybe, or actually … we should conserve. How will we even trust the Banks if they crash, and where are we at when it comes to jobs, money, and global warnings? Where do we place our money where we think it will be save.

Do you think the political party suffers from any depression and from the Banks closing? They never suffer from any of these money problems and yet they speak like they are concerned. They haven’t a clue what it like to struggle, yet they say that they are going to help us with the economy.
In the news yesterday, I heard that even Google may not pay everyone because of this crisis. It took me over a year to earn 75 dollars and now they put another hold on my account to verify my email and address. This is the second time they have done this to me, how many times must I verify my email, and address?

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