Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stupid Spammers

How does other bloggers post topics into my blog account. And how do you stop those spammers from continuely placing their website baddress into my comments? think of your own advertising and leave my blogs alone...comment on my topics and not just leaving your stupid web address, this is starting to tick me off, to the point of just blocking all comments...;(


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I see this a lot now days. Hang in there, a few dorks should not be able to have a negative affect on people.

My rash of spam stopped after a while :-)

Hello from Speedcat Hollydale!

chilly said...

Hi Terry!!
Don't get what you mean 'Blog account'. Do you mean someone is hacking into your blog account??

And as comments go, all I know you can do is set up comments to be approved before showing and turn on word verification. But all those will do is maybe tire them out with bothering to comment if they think you want approve their comments. Hopefully they will move on shortly.

Great to see you online! (((HUG)))!!!